How to Decopatch

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how to decopatch
adult & child

Decoptach is easy to realize. The necessary material: a decopatch supplies, decopatch papers, a varnish glue, a brush. The quality of the varnish glue's Decopatch open a wide choice of possibilities of creating decoration: glass, wood, craft paper box, plastic. The result  with the technic Decopatch, it is a smooth and lovery decoration!
Auteur : Valérie

Préparation of the Decopatch project

  • It is possible to relook an old object, or choice craft supplies
  • Choice Decopatch papers
  • Use the varnish glue or varnish glue Decopatch
  • The size of the brush must be adapted to the size of the object to decorate
how to decopatch
Step 1  

Decoupage of  Decopatch papers
Decoupage is determining for the result of the decoration project. For an effect patchwork : the size of tips wil be in pieces of 2 in 5cm. The more the support decoration project is small-sized,  the more tips decopatch must be cut in small size.
To emphasize the motive for the Decopatch paper : cut the decopatch paper in strip of length and width adapted to the size of the craft supplie.

how to decopatch varnish glue
Step 2  

 Application of the decopatch paper on the object to be decorated
Put some varnish glue on the object to be decorated. The varnish glue décopatch can be applied to the wood, some craft box, of the glass, the plastic. Glue small quantities surfaces because the glue dries rather fast.
The decopatch paper is very fine, and can overlap by and keepin a beautiful aspect. The varnish glue vitrificator serves as protection for the last application of the varnish stick, by creating a strong protective coating.

how to decopatch finition
Step 3  

Finishing of the object to be decorated with a Decopatch paper.
 Let exceed  decopatch tips of the edge of the object to be decorated, and glue the other face . With this technique the edge of the decoration will be well finished.

how to decopatch lovely aspect
Step 4  

Finish of the decoration
To begin the other face of the object to decorate, fold up the surplus of decopatch paper on the support. The decoration of every face of the object will place strips of décopatch paper a few millimeters away from the already glued surpluses.
The finish result is a lovely decoration !

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Woot, I will certainly put this to good use!


I think you hit a bullseye there fleals!


bah dis donc elles sont tre8s concluantes tes expe9riences, tre8s jolis, j'aime bien le rendu de la perle dore9e, pour ma part j'utilise pas mal les feeullis e0 dorer argent ou or flamme avec de jolis reflets multicolore (argate). bonne journe9e a++ biz

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