The Decopatch brand

The paper Décopatch, what is it?

The paper sheet Décopatch is a very fine paper sheet as the tissue paper. It is used to relook or decorate objects.? It easures 30cmx40cm. Its big size allows to realize a large number of decorations with a single decopatch sheet. Every paper proposes motives and varied colors. All the models of Decopatch papers are proposed on Maison Pratic.

The decorations with Decopatch paper

The paper Decopatch serves to create easily decorations: boxes, trays, photo frames are the main decorations. As one goes along, other applications were born. At present, the decoration of furniture knows a big hit with sheets(leaves) decopatch: kitchen furniture, table, small pieces of furniture of decoration, drawer cabinet.
It is possible to apply the décopatch paper to the wood, the cardboard, the craft, the paper, the iron, the glass. A vast choice of decorations is so possible, enriched by hundreds of motives proposed by the Decopatch brand.

The next collection of papers Decopatch is expected for the end of August, the beginning of September, 2013.

The collection of February, 2013 proposes  Decopatch papers in imitation leather in light pink and dark pink, green, turquoise blue, lilac, gold tones. These tints are easy to use on furniture, drawers of chest of drawers. The motives for papers link on the same principle of the wallpaper. The paper is particularly brilliant, what contributes to a successful decoration. The imitations of materials are also proposed in the style knitting. Motives Jersey are proposed in two colors : the reference 612 is tonic in pink and green tones. The reference 607 is proposed in natural nuances and hot browns. This beginning of year 2013 corresponds to the entrance of papers decorated with drawings : with inspired motives for dolls kimi (decopatch 615), motives puzzle (decopatch paper 627 and sheet 624). These motives puzzle are genious to decorate animals. An alphabet is proposed in very tonic colors. The size of letters is about 5 cms. Letters are  easilyto position on all the objects to be decorated. The papers of Christmas are also enriched in this collection 2013 : in green, red gold tones. To note, the paper Decopatch 614, a very beautiful paper in the motives African in two tones of grey. 

The collection of September, 2012 confirms this trend for motives leathers, very fine flowers.

The decopatch paper is a technique of interior design, decoration today, besides being one creative arts and crafts.

The advantages of Decopatch papers

The advantage of the paper decopatch is to have the net edges after cutting no edges white as on napkin craft. It benefits from the resistance of the tissue paper and its flexibility. Stuck on various surfaces, the decopatch paper recovers objects to give them a new aspect.

The secret of the success of a decoration Decopatch 

 Use the varnish of the Decopatch brand. A napkin craft, a Decopatch paper, are different ornamental papers in their texture, their composition. Better results are obtained with the Decopatch varnish glue, covered or not with varnish glue vitrificator.
The technique of cut will be determining too in the obtained decoration. The cut paper will emphasize the motive for the decopatch, paper. With the paper torn in pieces, the decoration will be a patchwork of chosen tints. 

The technique Decopatch

We cut Decopatch papers, or we tear  them. We glue beforehand a small surface of the object to be decorated with the varnish glue. The piece of Decopatch paper is put on this surface with a brush. We iron a layer of varnish glue by top. (See photos in the creative workshop, the decopatch technique). For a decoration which supports the food contact, the varnish glue vitrificator is to be used.

Objects to decorate  : Decopatch design

The Decopatch brand suggests its own range of craft objects decorating. Decopatch animals are the most known in the world : they exist in all the sizes, and in all the decoration themes. In every new collection, the Decopatch designers brings playful creations. 2011 was the year of cups cakes, which always know a striking success. The collection of Decopatch craft objects to decorate of September, 2012 proposes shoes, hats, handbags, accessories funny and fashion.

Children and Decopatch papers

The children from +3ans can use the varnish decopatch stick. They know all to tear the paper Decopatch, or to cut it when they are more tall. Nursery schools use furthermore in often papers decopatch.
It is also an idea often retained for a workshop during a birthday : an object to be decorated small-sized, the duration of the workshop is of 40 minutes. The children take a souvenir of the birthday of their friend. The boys also appreciate the decopatch on craft dinosaurs, or photo frames for example. The teenagers girls from 10 to 16 years old appreciate Decopatch on their exercise books, pads, photo frames.

All the collection Decopatch papers is already on Maison Pratic. To order without waiting.

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